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Cooked and delivered fresh day by day. Monday to Friday using local ingredients.


Spiced potato kale bowl

Spiced roasted potatoes, chicken and kale bowl with seasonal vegetables, toasted almonds and mustard-tahini dressing ...

€ 8,50 EUR



Comfort meal from brazil. veggies, rice and beans stew with chicken, bacon, beef on our tomato sauce with white wine ...

€ 8,50 EUR


Thai noodle salad

Thai roasted chicken served with egg noodles, sautéd veggies on peanut-soy sauce.

€ 8,50 EUR


Chicken w/ Mac & Cheese

Slow cook beef, rigattoni and roasted veggies on cheese sauce. served with shredded chicken.

€ 8,50 EUR


Peruvian Chicken & Arroz Chaufa

Roasted chicken with green sauce, served with stir-fry rice with vegetables and omelette.

€ 8,50 EUR

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Breakfast, lunch, snack or/and dinner. Contact us via WhatsApp at +34 624 207 186 or email us at hola@thehealthiestchoicebcn.com. We'll personalise your offer.

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