Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer any gluten free options?

Yes. Almost all our meals are gluten free. For those who are not, you can write GLUTEN FREE in notes or send us an email to specifying your full name.

I don't eat red meat/pork. Can I get only lean protein?

Yes, you can despite the option is not available in our website. Send us an email to specifying your full name and your lean protein request.

I have a food allergy, can I take ingredients off the meal?

For any food allergy, please send us an email to specifying your allergy and we'll take care of it. We can take off any ingredient out of a meal except vegetables.

Do you have vegan options?

Yes. We have vegetarian and vegan options for all of our meals. You can choose veg option when selecting Protein.

Average calories content per meal

  • Average in Regular size meal: 550 - 650 Calories

  • 450-550 Calories in Low Carb

  • 650-800 Calories in High Protein

  • 600-750 Calories in Vegeterian

  • Average in Large size meal = 750-900 Cal

  • 650-750 Calories in Low Carb

  • 800-1000 Calories in High Protein

  • 800-1000 Calories in Vegeterian

We update our menu with delicious new recipes every week.

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