€ 8,90 EUR

Roasted aubergine, zucchini & peppers with mint and feta cheese, served up with whole rice and chicken, balsamic reduction and rosemary oil.
VEG: tofu
Allergies: dairy

Ver Macros

- Orders accepted until 11:00 on the same morning

- For any allergy, please let us know on comments once your order is placed (please

don’t confuse with food preferences).

- Average calories regular size: 550-700 Cal

- Average calories large size: 750-950 Cal

- Find the exact calories & macros on the sticker of your plate. If you want to know

- before you get the meal, please contact us.

- We cook fresh everyday and deliver that meal on the same day, make sure you

- Select the correct day to get your food!

- All our snacks are gluten free

- We don’t use sugar, refined sugar or any sugar on its form

- We make our snacks upon request and fresh, it may take up to 48 hours to be

delivered. We appreciate your patience.


588 Cal 39gr C 31gr P 39gr F

Regular Low Carb

475 Cal 23 gr C 29gr P 37gr F

Regular High Protein + Low Carb

584 Cal  23gr 48gr P 40gr F

Regular High Carb

775 Cal 67gr C 34 Gr P 41gr F

Regular High Protein + High Carb

878 Cal 67gr C 53gr P 44gr F

Regular High Protein

694 Cal 39gr C 50gr P 42gr F

Regular Keto

490 Cal 12gr C 28gr P 51gr F


864 Cal 60gr C 42gr P 58gr F

Large Low Carb

681 Cal 32gr C 39gr P 55gr F

Large High Protein

974 Cal 60gr C 61gr P 60gr F

Large High Protein + Low Carb

785 Cal 32gr C 58gr P 58gr F

Large Keto

648 Cal 16gr C 37gr P 69gr F

Large High Carb + High Protein

1154 Cal 87gr C 65gr P 63gr F

Large High Carb

1049 Cal 87gr C 46gr P 60gr F

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