Meet Us: The Healthiest Choice

Our Story.

Founder and CEO Jess's experience as a clinical nurse faced her with different fates and made her realize that chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes or cancer had their roots in nutrient deficiencies. Led by her curiosity about the process of why and how nutrition impacts our bodies, Jess began a new venture. She centered her new mission on balancing nutrients to treat and prevent obesity and diabetes and quickly gathered clients. Combining her expertise with her passion for food and cooking, she then decided to not only counsel, but to create healthy and nutritious food, easily accessible to those who want to live a healthier life and lack the time to cook for themselves. In 2017 Jess’s company The Healthiest Choice was born.

For roughly three years now the entire team has been providing the most delicious healthy food and delivered countless meals across Barcelona. After the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic this year, The Healthiest Choice decided to give back to the community. Over the course of the lockdown, hundreds of ready-to-eat meals were donated to medical professionals, and to the less fortunate. Through this endeavor The Healthiest Choice did not only grow as a business but also as a team. Their strong mindsets and passion motivated them amidst the crisis, to look for a bigger space to move the business to.

Within one month the new kitchen was built and customers now even have the chance to grab a coffee while watching the staff freshly prepare their lunch.

Our Mission.

The Healthiest Choice is an outspoken defendant of a macro balanced diet and nutrient rich meals. It is important to eat mostly organic and local produce and of course to use seasonal ingredients as much as possible. They put great emphasis on the balance of the ratio of macronutrients, which means similar amounts of calories from proteins, fats and carbohydrates allowing us to control our body weight and physical performance. To prevent chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases or even cancer, we must pay special attention to our health in the long run. Accomplishing that also means to eat considerable amounts of micronutrients for instance vitamins and minerals.

Our Beliefs.

The Barcelona based company thinks that everyone should have as great of a variety in their diet as possible, meaning eating specific amounts of everything. Since they also understand that not everyone can or wants to eat everything, The Healthiest Choice offers replacements to match the requirements from vegan, dairy & gluten free to ketogenic lifestyles.

Our body absorbs and uses nutrients better when they come in their most natural source, like plants, animals, or roots, hence the reason why all products and sauces are made from scratch. Supplements are only used to further optimize health and not to replace nutrients that are accessible naturally.

The partnership with GoPrimal shows the interest and support of high-quality supplements from natural sources. Furthermore, The Healthiest Choice believes that food should not only be healthy for us, but also for the environment, thus all the packaging is eco-friendly and unnecessary waste such as straws and plastic cutlery are eliminated. To further support young start-ups like themselves, The Healthiest Choice regularly partners with like-minded companies.

All staff at the Healthiest Choice is excited to finally be open to the public again. You can find us Monday through Friday from 8:30 to 15:00 at our cozy location in Pamplona 45, close to the metrostation Bogatell. Come for a coffee, leave with a balanced, nutritious meal and make your healthiest choice.